On this wiki we have rules that we need you to follow. If you don't follow them, it could result in being banned or worse.

1) Don't copy things from the others be creative. Even though copying seems easier, we want a creative wiki that's original!

2) Don't curse. Be cool, no need to curse!

3) Be nice to each-other. Don't be mean to new users, welcome them! If someone does something wrong, politely tell them.

4) Keep everything clean. Make sure pages stay correct and help out as much as you can!

5) Don't mess things up! Keep it ordered. Don't put in false information, we want the truth.

6) Don't get relationships or something this isn't a dating site! This is NOT a dating site, keep relationships off the wiki.

7) Keep the wiki about Katherine McNamara. If you want to talk about Power Rangers (or anything else) go to the Power Rangers Wiki.

As long as you follow these rules, you can explore and enjoy the wiki! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                         BREAKING THE RULES?!?


If you break the rules then you can get  warnings.

Blocked:  We don't block users fast.

Get a warning (When you get a warning then you should stop immediately or risk being banned)

If you get a second warning you and you don't stop then you get blocked for a week.

If you get a third warning you get blocked permanently, so stop after your first warning!